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Rich Nichols

Vigilant Protector of Corporate & Individual Executives

Known as a vigilant protector of corporate and individual executives brands and reputations, armed with degrees from Dartmouth, Stanford and the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, Rich has leveraged his unique skills and expertise as a lawyer with crisis management and strategic media communications acumen to safeguard, preserve and if required, resurrect the brands, reputations and careers of high-profile corporate entities, chief executive officers, superintendents, school boards, public and private organizations, professional athletes, college and professional coaches, sports executives, teams, leagues, events, sports properties and investors.

With his pro-active, confidential approach to managing and disposing of “bet the farm” crises, Nichols often notes that it’s hard to show a client or the world the disasters his strategic advice has helped a client avoid. But, his clients will tell you that Nichols’ execution and approach to controlling and resolving crises was, in a word, “invaluable.”

Strategic Crisis Management & Media Strategies

Nichols has directed strategic crisis management and media strategies for clients embroiled in some of the biggest, media-driven sports controversies of the last two decades, including, but not limited to the BALCO steroids controversy and the Penn State child abuse scandal.

Notably, during his representation of the World Cup Champion US Womens National Soccer Team (USWNT), Nichols was the catalyst for the USWNT quest for equal pay and created and executed the strategic media strategy that catapulted the teams push for “equal pay” to the top of international, domestic and social media coverage and transformed the women on the USWNT into reputational pioneers for social and economic change.

Rich Nichols

Nichols advice to clients:


“Facts are stubborn. The facts and truth will set you free.”